Friday, January 19, 2007

Rethinking the First Step

All great stories hinge on the hero’s choice whether to step into adventure or not. Aragorn’s decision to forgo the life of a wandering ranger and embrace the journey set before him makes all the difference in the world to the free peoples of Middle Earth. Lucy’s first step into the wardrobe is the first step toward freedom for the land of Narnia. Marlin’s resolution to search the whole of the ocean for his son Nemo brings healing to a broken relationship and forms the foundations of a new one. Aeneas wills himself to venture from the burning ruins of Troy to found a new and powerful city, Rome. None of these characters see themselves as a central character in their own story. That is revealed only later, as the adventure unfolds. The world desperately needs people who are willing to accept the risk and set out to be difference-makers!

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