Monday, January 08, 2007

Rethinking "Sticks and Stones" II

It is fairly easy to recognize how adolescents are attempting to protect themselves—you need only observe their actions. Does Jared sigh when you ask him to do something? Does Ashley roll her eyes when she doesn’t get her way? Is Derek constantly seeking attention in inappropriate ways? Does Josh avoid eye contact or turn away when you try to talk to him? Is Tamika unusually shy or quiet? Does Anna often make sarcastic comments? Is Marcus constantly struggling to fit into one group or another, perhaps by changing his clothing style or hair? These are just a few signs that a young person has been wounded by the negative messages that have been hurled with such fury by both people and situations. These messages often arrive in a way that is so subtle and so sinister that most young people (and adults) are completely unaware of when happens.


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