Friday, July 25, 2008

Rethinking Treasure Hunts

Last week, my family and I went to Amelia Island, Florida for a relaxing vacation. The days were spent floating in the soothing waves of the Atlantic, collecting shells along the beach, swimming in the resort pools, and hunting for treasure. Hunting for treasure? Yes...treasure hunting!

We went out to walk along the shore during the final night of our vacation. I had told the boys earlier in the day that Pirates sometimes come out at night to bury their gold! Being five and three, they were ecstatic! What the boys didn't know was that I had buried several piles of "pirate coins" along the way...each marked with an "X." When the boys saw an X with their flashlights, they would scream with excitement and run to dig up the treasure. You would have thought they won the lottery! Watching the joy they were experiencing filled me with that sense of wonder that I thought I had lost all those years ago. That night the boys fell asleep on a pullout bed with dreams of pirate treasure and the waves of the sea floating through their innocent minds.

As we grow older, the mystery and excitement of life seems to fade, doesn't it? An "X" in the sand of the shore is simply...a letter. The joy we once felt at the discovery of something new is swept away by the cares of this world. Sometimes I wonder if we as adults have it all wrong. Maybe my sons are the ones who have figured out the secret to life. What do you think?

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