Thursday, June 07, 2007

Rethinking Bullying

Bullying in its essence is about the lust for power. It is subtle and insidious, and it often occurs right under the noses of adults. Bullies will sometimes try to control others for purposes of drawing attention to themselves, exerting their power and will over them. Contrary to popular belief, most bullies do not suffer from a low opinion of themselves. Many are popular and enjoy tormenting those who aren’t as strong.

Here is some research reported in the Sydney Morning Herald that supports this idea: Bullies often Mr Popular at school, study finds

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Anonymous Alan E. said...

Interesting angle, Jay. Can you back up these thoughts with data from research about the profile of bullies. While I believe they can be popular and on the surface seem like they are happy, I believe there is something else going on in their lives as well that leads them to this destructive behavior.

3:55 AM  
Blogger Jay D'Ambrosio said...

Hi Alan. Good question, because it would seem the opposite. Check out this article from the Sydney Morning Herald:

Bullies often Mr Popular at school, study finds

5:12 AM  

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