Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Rethinking Bullying X

Mythic Connections

The “Cyclops’ Cave” is an excellent story to use for connecting with students regarding the issue of bullying and harassment. The chapter from The Hobbit that tells the tale of Lake Town and the dragon would also be another good reading for this purpose. There are also some great movies that address this topic in a way that is engaging and relevant. An older one that portrays bullying in a manner that is still pertinent today is My Bodyguard. Other movies (theatrical release as well as TV) include Ever After, The Odyssey, Big Bully, The Karate Kid, Back to the Future, Napoleon Dynamite, and The Hobbit.

Discussion Questions
• Which character in this story do you identify with most?
• What intimidating situations did the character(s) encounter?
• Have you ever felt intimidated or bullied by someone else like the character(s) in this story did? Do you feel that way now?
• How did you handle this situation? Did you tell an adult? Friends?
• How has being intimidated or bullied changed you or changed the way you feel about yourself?
• What can you do to take control of the situation? Is there someone you can turn to for help or advice?

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