Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Rethinking Being Human

There are three main parts to any human being: mind, body, and spirit or heart. Schools today put forth a heroic effort in developing and teaching a student’s mind. Likewise, opportunities for the body to be conditioned and trained abound in the form of physical education and athletics. However, more energy needs to be channeled toward the hearts of the young. We have to seek more meaningful ways to connect with that core part of every human being, the part from which all else flows—the spirit.

Myths and stories can help people place their own personal narrative and those of others into the proper context. All myths and stories have a villain. Adolescents, too, face an enemy in their lives—albeit one that is more subtle and less obvious, but no less insidious. Further, these great tales tell of a journey upon which a hero must embark. Likewise, young people are on a journey of the heart and soul. Myth and story reveal the heroine to be something greater and more resplendent than first believed.

These concepts profoundly echo the longing of every human heart. This includes those who lead young people. Only when we are free to explore the terrain of our own hearts are we able to help others do the same. This means that reading this blog will challenge you! Return to the stories, fairy tales, and movies that moved you in days gone by. They stirred your spirit for a reason, and your heart was speaking to you even then. You will need them now, more than ever, as you journey again through adolescence with the students in your life. By acquiring an understanding of what they are truly dealing with, you can better offer meaningful guidance, insight, and care.


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